Sclerotherapy is the injection of a chemical into the spider vein to cause the vein to close and scar internally, effectively causing the spider vein to “disappear”. It is generally a highly effective treatment that has excellent cosmetic results, and little risk to the patient.


The following educational news video discusses sclerotherapy for spider veins. The reporter notes that the typical average price per treatment is $475.00. Our price per treatment averages only $250.00 per treatment. Each treatment session typically lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, which is the amount of time in which the maximum dose of sclerosing agent can be administered. The number of treatments required may be one or several, depending on the extent of spider veins present and their density.

Our patients report very little pain associated with the injections due to the extremely small needle used.  They also have been very please with the cosmetic results we have obtained.

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